List of participants

The interdisciplinary approach of the Conference and the keen interest of eminent academics and specialized organizations with an internationally respected reputation require us to consider it useful to provide information on the institutions invited to attend the Conference by the Scientific Committee, such as: European Commission Directorates-General, international organizations, EU member states’ national institutions, universities, research centres, organizations undertaking international activities, local authorities and local development corporations. The local governments of Corsica, Sicily, Sardinia, the Balearic Islands and the Region of Crete are also invited to attend the Conference. The scientific institutions stated below have accepted the Committee’s invitation; they have named their representative and have helped to draft the agenda of the conference with a statement or a presentation (see list of speakers with their CV in the dedicated coverage). 

However, the name of ministers and public administration officers of the Republic of Cyprus, universities and research centres’ representatives / staff, eminent persons involved in activities related to topics addressed by the conference, local authorities, local development and productivity social institutions who  have been invited to attend the Conference and are expected to participate in the dialogue to express their views and make a statement, are not included in this information brochure.   The purpose is to derive benefit for Cyprus and the Troodos region from the exchange of knowledge and considerations during the working sessions of the Conference but also to take advantage of the invited guests’ interest to attend and develop further partnerships.